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I Always Will

by J. Randy Krauss

Released 01/03/2017
Released 01/03/2017
J. Randy Krauss has composed an up tempo blues rock love ballad for the ages.
In early 2016 I retired from a 34 year aviation career and decided to try and become a more accomplished guitar player. I began taking lessons from a phenomenal jazz guitarist, Gus Moberg, who introduced me to some amazing new chords. G7#9, F#m7b5 and more. I started hearing all kinds of new melodies but no words were coming. Then something interesting happened.

In June 2016 a friend phoned me saying someone she knew wanted a special poem made into a song. After reading the words I started to weave them into my new chord progressions and the song was started.

The origin of this poem goes back about three decades when a young fellow wrote it for his bride, to be recited on their wedding day. The couple went on to have a son but the father developed a serious tumor and tragically passed away when his son was only 5 years old. Mother and son have always kept a framed copy of the poem.

Fast forward to New Years Eve 2016. The boy, now a young man was being married and at the wedding his mother presented him with this recording - his dad's poem set to music. And that is how "I Always Will" came to be.

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