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No Covers Allowed

by J. Randy Krauss

Released 2011
Released 2011
A witty, eclectic debut album of original songs from a singer/song writer that touches on thoughtful moments and common experience, professionally performed with a musicality reminiscent of the 1970's.
J. Randy Krauss is a singer song writer who played in 1970's Canadian bar bands with names like The Plumbers Extra Quality Taps, Softouch, Alive and Kicking and Azure D. Always the bass player, he found that a bit boring once he no longer played in a traveling band so he took up the electric guitar, and found a new enjoyment in building chord progressions. Along with those chords, words and lines started popping up so he began a song writing hobby. With a new career as a professional pilot and flying to hundreds of towns and city's throughout North America and points beyond, he was given ample opportunity to meet characters and write about common experience. Some of the songs on this album are related to his thoughtful moments and some to humorous experiences such as an inebriated fellow in a Dallas Texas bar who shared a story of how his wife quit her job and became a stripper without his knowledge, or a time in 2008 when Randy sang "Brown Eyed Girl" at a family Christmas party and was videoed and put on YouTube. Within a few short weeks the video producer, his nephew, was contacted by Van Morrison's LA Lawyer and ordered to remove the video. That experience inspired the title track " No Covers Allowed". In 2009 he decided to grab a few songs out of his catalog and head to a local recording studio with some old band mates and a few session musicians and lay some demo tracks down to get a more professional feel for his style. The demos were performed and engineered so well that the musical fire within his heart was re-lit once again and by May 2011, eleven tracks had been mastered and an album was complete. The physical CD package has some great original album art with snappy fold out photography and a warm dedication and credits. The songs will make you want to ask questions while tapping your feet from start to finish.

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